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  1. Sorry, missed to include also the server support zip file. Here it is. Best Saverio Server_202103242024.txt.zip
  2. Hi, thanks for replying. Attached the zip file created and requested. I'm also enclosing a snapshot indicating the app which I always you to start MSFS2020. Thanks a lot Best Saverio Client_202103241816.txt.zip
  3. Hallo, I've read plenty of tickets regarding this issue but cannot find anything regarding my specific case. The server connects successfully to the client on my remote laptop only with P4D and P5D but fails to do so when MSFS2020 is chosen as siimulator. The client keeps on synchronizying unsucessfully. This is not happening if I run both server and client on the same computer. Any idea how I can overcome this issue? Thanks a lot Best Saverio
  4. Hi Oskar, thanks a lot for your reply. All is clear. Actaully, when the server port pop up windows showed up I simply restarted the server again and it worked .. more than one attempt was needed Thanks a lot! Best Saverio
  5. Replies found in the forum. No more help needed Best Saverio
  6. Hi, I'm enclosing two screenshots which show what happens once the database builder finishes to run teh application. I get one error message I do not know how to solve and a firewall issue when I launch the exe file. Any suggestions? Thanks Saverio
  7. Hi, I couldn't find an already started topic with the search function but I would like to know if and how it's possible to visualize the radio panel pop-up inside the cockpit rather than having to swap among applications. Thanks a lot Best Saverfio
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