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  1. Hello Oskar, thank you very much for your help. Now the system works. Claus
  2. Hello Lonewulf47, I have installed the FSUIPC Vers. 6.03. Unfortunately this did not bring success; so installed again Vers. 5.153. Furthermore, I have made all the settings (as described in your post). Even with this, the problem has not been solved. Do you have another idea ? Thank you. Claus
  3. Hello Urs, thanks for the post. I think I have set everything correctly (see picture). Nevertheless, the program does not work properly. What else can I do ? Love greetings Claus
  4. Hi Oskar, thank you very much for your feedback. I will get the latest version of FSUIPC and see if it works. Kind regards Claus
  5. Good day to all, my system: Prepar 3 D v.4.5, Win 10, FSUIPC registered version No. 5.157. After starting the simulator and launching IVAO, I can't see any other aircraft on the moving map (after entering a flightplan) and also the active IVAO ATC are not displayed. Who can help me please ? Thank you very much. Kind regards Claus
  6. Good afternoon, everyone, I have recently started using EFB 2 and am very satisfied with the tool. My question today: can I change the size of the individual parking positions, e.g. at airports Hamburg (EDDH), Cologne (EDDK) etc., so that I have more options for parking at these airports with PMDG 777 or PMDG 747 ? If so, how does it work ? Many thanks in advance. Best regards Claus Moved to proper thread by Admin
  7. Hi, Oskar, FSUIPC was the cause. Had FSUIPC already installed once; due to all the changes I must have uninstalled it. Now everything works as it should. I would like to thank you again for your help and effort. Super !!!! LG Claus
  8. Hi, Oskar, the profiles are probably available (see picture). Claus
  9. Hi Oskar, here the files: Client_201911251504.txt.zip Server_201911251504.txt.zip
  10. Hi, Oskar, I had uninstalled and reinstalled EFB2 because I thought I made a mistake with the first installation and that EDDH did not work. Now I reinstalled the server and client. After starting the simulator EFB does not connect to the simulator, the aircraft profile is still not visible and I cannot create new aircraft profiles. Normally EFB would have to install the loaded aircraft automatically. I have no idea what could be the reason. LG Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  11. Hi, Oskar, uninstalled and reinstalled EDDH. I think that the ground now looks like you can see on your picture. Unfortunately the simulator does not connect to EFB 2 (see picture, Connecting is shown in yellow). Accordingly there is no airplane symbol on the parking position. (A5). I also uninstalled EFB 2 and reinstalled it. Maybe I made a mistake. Claus
  12. Okay, Oskar, I will uninstall EDDH once and reinstall it. Maybe that's where the error is. I will report to you next week. LG Claus
  13. Hi, Oskar, here an information picture of EDDH. Claus
  14. Hello, Oskar, Thank you so much for your support. Once attached the same image from EDDH. Despite high zoom level I can't do Z1 etc. with me. Recognize markings. What am I doing wrong ? LG Claus
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