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  1. ok I think I have got what you require Regards George Client_201905241102.txt.zip Server_201905241102.txt.zip
  2. Further if I may, took advice to uninstall and reinstall but did it the way that I got it to work, I now have the prog on my left screen (full screen) but now with the required icons I can now close it down or send to tray but can not resize by sides or corner BUT I can live with this. What I suspect happened is that I clicked the ( - middle icon X) which sent program across all three screens and hid the top right icons ---- NO intention of proving this. What are your thoughts on using teamviewer 14 to assist us auld yins Kind Regards George
  3. Sorry to have bothered you at 75 it takes me a bit longer to understand what is required re computers I have spent all day yesterday trying to get this to work and then THIS tried different screen sizes THE DEFAULT PATHS DID NOT WORK ========= Hi George, you have to set the paths properly, according to your current installation. Unfortunately for FSX-SE this cannot be done automatically. The selected database has to be in accordance with the running simulator, otherwise it will not work. WHAT I THEN DID MADE IT WORK --- BUT WITH THIS PROBLEM IF NOT RESOLVEABLE WILL AS FOR MONEY BACK
  4. they did not work ie client sat waiting for server cant seem to send pics file size to large could you send email addy
  5. what you show is not there which is the problem and I can not grab a side or corner to shrink as for installation path E:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\FSX C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\FSX Regards George
  6. well that took a bit of doing installing for FSX STEAM. Finally have what looks like a working copy BUT its FULL screen and I cant grab a corner to resize or even close as you normally would in right top corner . have tried ESC. ANY SUGGESTIONS apreachiated
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