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  1. Disregard, I reinstalled the client and everything is working again. Best, Mike
  2. I seem to be stuck again after updating my AIRAC data to the current 1901 cycle and using the workaround outlined above. Client is stuck on 'Loading database files (navaids)...and there is a new error in the logs. Thanks again for the help. Best, Mike Client_201901111754.txt.zip Server_201901111754.txt.zip
  3. I will keep this in mind, and thanks again for the assist! Best, Mike
  4. Jonas, I did put the zip file back in the server folder and I am up and running now, so thank you again for the assist! I appreciate all your help! Best, Mike
  5. OK, I have unzipped the airport file into the client side folder as instructed, and removed the original zip file from the server side folder. Letting it run now - client says 'Synchronizing database files..." so i will let it run a while. Edit: just reread your post - i will leave the zip file in the server side after unzipping it over to the client side. Attached are the latest support files for your review. Thanks for the assist! Best, Mike Client_201901101639.txt.zip Server_201901101639.txt.zip
  6. Trying that now, Jonas - so far it still seems to be stuck in the same loop. After I unzip the airports file to the client side, am I supposed to still leave the airports.bin.zip file in the server side folder?
  7. Hi there Jonas, Yes sir, I've deleted and recreated the database, trying FSX:SE and just FSX actually from something I saw on another thread, and I've also tried to uninstall / reinstall both client and server to start fresh, only to see the same results. Best, Mike
  8. Greetings, Having troubles with the initial run where it seems to be stuck in the 'synchronizing database files' step. Server build = 61, Client build = 78. Installed both items using 'Run as Administrator'. I have disabled AV and firewall settings temporarily to mitigate anything that might be in the way. Running latest version of FSUIPC. Simulator FSX:SE EFB v2 setup: single machine Thanks for any help you can provide. Best, Mike Server_201901090342.txt.zip Client_201901090342.txt.zip
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