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  1. Well, it looks like I managed to get around the problem essentially related to P3D v.5.EFB working correctly with P3dv4.5 I loaded EFB under P3dv4.then I use This done I launch the P3dv5 I get an error message to which I answer "NO" and it works. Merci au revoir. JG Robert
  2. HelloAfter several tests ==> reinstallation of P3dv.5, uninstallation of EFB, etcNegative results.I restarted P3dv.4.5 and it works fine.When reinstalling the Database the system loads all the files well while when loading P3dv5 it does not.How do I do that? Merci JGR
  3. It seems to me that EFB does not see the airports?I reinstall P3dv.5
  4. Hello.Not to my knowledge.Don’t I know this "Fsaerodata"?If it is installed on my PC in which file do I find it?
  5. Hello.With this configuration the "client" screen does not display any items.No map, no airport, nothing.Only the aircraft used is correctly displayed.No possibility of a flight plan.This is on the server PC on the client PC.Where is my mistake?Thank you for your help Moved to proper forum by admin
  6. Hello, URS.Thank you for the new information.I try this and report to you.Bye and thank you
  7. P3D v.4.5 AivlaSoft 2.1.114 Good morning. Regularly I have this error report I reinstall Aivlasoft everything goes well on a flight or two and then again error report. Can you give me some advice, please? Thank you for your help in coming Cordially J G Robert (FR)
  8. The only thing that attracts my attention is the very uncommon path for the installation of Prepar3D v4: "H:\LockheedMartin\". Maybe a clean reinstall of the simulator (using the default paths) might help. Hello and thank you again for this valuable information. Which way do you recommend because my P3D is on a specific hard drive and not on the "C"?
  9. Good evening, URS. You say to me: << The error "EFB Server cannot run when the DbBuilder is running" might indicate that the DbBuilder was not properly terminated and the process is still running. Therefore the Server cannot start. >>. Well noted, but then what do you recommend? To read to you Cordially Jean Gabriel
  10. Hello URS again thank you for your help.Well I created this file What should I do with it?Do you address it?To read to you.CordiallyJean gabriel Server_202001041401.txt.zip
  11. Good morning and thank you for your answer.I did what you said.There must be another problem because I always get the error message from the EFB Database Builder.I confirm that this Database Builder is not active.Thank you if you have any other solutions.Cordially
  12. Good morning to you all. I own P3D v4.5. Since this EFB2 installation no longer works. Is there an incompatibility knowing that with P3D v4.4 everything was OK? When installing and loading Navdata I get a message of 4 errors. Excerpt attached. (photo 1) I also get the error message (photo 2) while my EFB Database Builder is not in service? Does anyone have a solution to help me? Many thanks and best greetings from St Malo FR Moved to proper Forum by Admin
  13. Hello Urs and Lonewulf47.I hope that you are well.I mean giving news to you of my EFB Aivlasoft.Everything works perfectly.I thus bought the license(Bachelor's degree) by following the recommendations of Lonewulf47I also made the installation on another Customer PC.By doubled you have a solution so that the flight plans which I make with EFB is exportable towards FLIGHTPLAN of PMDG?See you soon of your news(short stories).Kind regards
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