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  1. Hi Oskar, I'm afraid that's what I will have to do... I will let you know
  2. Hi Oskar, Sorry for the delay (been a Little bussy at home). No, it's just the opposite. I was running the client via WLAN in the computer that I've cloned. after reading your answer I have downloaded and reinstalled everything with no success. I don't know what to do now. I'm gonna search in the fórum about LANed installs to see if can find something to try. I apretiate so much your help. Best regards Paco
  3. Hi Oskar, The sim runs ok. I uninstalled RFB from the Windows panel control. I didn't run BdBuilder, and I must say that I run EFB in a remote PC via LAN. Thnx for your response Paco
  4. Hi All Recently I've cloned my old HDD to a new SSD. After that everything goes well bat the EFB v2 client that shows me the tab on the jpg attached. I have reinstalled with no succes. I would apretiate any help about this matter, where to start looking, becouse my skills in informatics are so few. Thanks in advance Paco Garcia
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