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  1. thanx for the reply. looks like it solved the issue for me also. u r my hero! kind regards Andrej
  2. I also use it on my second screen. First time I recognized it was about 3 weeks ago. I assumed it had something to do with the driver or som updates in EFB. There is at least one other person having the issue (in the facebook P3D-group. Kind regards Andrej
  3. Hi, as soon when I start EFB2 the monitor starts to flicker (every 5 seconds a little black box appears for a millisecond. I have P3dv4 latest version and W10, also GTX 1070 Video card. Thanx for any help. I happens with different planes (PMDG, Aerosoft) and different locations. Kind regards Andrej
  4. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3278-networked-client-not-loading-map/?do=findComment&comment=20565
  5. Hi, I found the files in some other blog. I replaced mya files and now its working. Kind regards Andrej U can clos the issue
  6. Hi, my files are different. IVAO: Date 12.11.2017 1,251KB VATSIM: 3.8.2018 1.065 KB Kind regards Andrej
  7. Hi, trying to change the setting in the client 'online setting' to ivao, I get a error. (see image EFB3). The detail is in file log.txt. Kind regards Andrej Moved to proper forum by Admin log.txt
  8. Hi, after reinstall of efbV2 the client can't connect to the server anymore. Never had any problems so far. I attached 2 Support Files. I created them like this: 1. Start the Simulator. Place a default A/C at a suitable airpport (no matter which) 2. Make sure the Simulator has fully loaded and the A/C is at the desired position 3. Start the Server 4. Start the Client (please ATM only use one Client, best would be the one on your Simulator machine 5. When everything has loaded, wait a few minutes and then proceed to Shutdown EFB v2 and finally the Simulator 6. When everythin has properly closed down got to Windows Start Menu and select "AivlaSoft/EFB2 Create Support files" Thanx for help. Kind regards Andrej Different ports where the problem. Now it's solved. Server_201904271316.txt.zip Client_201904271316.txt.zip
  9. Hi...where can I find the profile for TFDI B717. Where is 'Contributions/Profiles' ? Thanx in advance and kind regards Andrej
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