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  1. Hi Urs, 1)today is the last day for free try and i make one last test fly München/Zürich. I have the same opinion as you about "Antivirus Defender", and so i exclude from scan everything that i think that have to do with EFB2, and during the fly but not the all one i push ON/OFF the Defender. I attach the Support Files during the fly. 2)The Cliente and Server are both installed on the same computer. I thing that CPU performance is low but as i sad with EFB v.1 i have no problems. The Client during this fly reload everything many times, and it make any difference if Antivirus was ON or OFF. So a hopp that you can see anything useful in the Support Files, as i said i have not a experience with software. Tank so much for your help Regards Alvaro
  2. Hi Oskar, As you suggest above i uninstall and install again the Server and Client with Admin Rights and exactly as the Manuals say without any change of paths. After completing the Installation set up the Database according User Guide "4 Database", hier the Support-File that is exactly the same as i send to Tuesday I make one Test Flug Zurich/München and on the Runway in Zurich EFB reloading and at the Ende near München again reloading see build the problem stays hier. I have Win10 and many others Programs: EZCA2, Active SKy16, PFPX, FSiPanel, Navigraph,SteveFX and many Airplanes and Scenerys, but all work with EFB1 from Februar 2016 till now without any problem. So i hopp that you can help me, if not, i must stay bei EFB1. In my opinion V.2 is better, but with this problem I will wait a time, perhaps you find a solution for. Tanks for your help Alvaro
  3. HI Oskar, I run always the Server and Client with full Admin Rights. My AntiVirus ist Windows Defender and i donn´t now if this delete files without warning. I exclude all Apps from Aivlasoft (.EXE) Cliente and Server from scann with Defender, must perhaps i need exclude more? I am real not one expert in Computer and software und so far i donn´t no if i use any automatic update Program. I must say i want only fly and have no idear von PC und in my age (76), i thing it is to late to lern about . So i appreciate your help and Tanks very much. Regards Alvaro
  4. Hi Oskar, of course I now that is a free trial period. I reproduce this mistake and attach the Support File like you describe. Simulator: FS X Profissional Edition +Acceleration Expansion Pack Installation: Local Server : Build Number #57 Cliente: Build Number #74 Regards Alvaro
  5. I have from begin EFB V.1 in use and about 3 weeks I try the free v.2 .I am very satisfied and has the intention to purchase a license. But something is bothering me: During the flight the Client windows appears and update the database, loading airports, runways and aircraft profile in use. My question is that normal or it because a free Version??? Please who can give me an answer? Regards Alvaro Moved to correct thread by Admin
  6. Many Tanks Mr. ATC, all the Time i look this button and suppose it was to quite the Cliente. Please excuse my mistake. Now everything works. Regards Alvaro
  7. I have reader the manuals, but i can not find the Bild that appears in 12.2. How can i rich this Bild??
  8. I have install the EFB v.2 try version and i cannot find the Profile Editor to make a new Aircraft profil. And also the Checkliste button not react in the Cliente. I have transfer one checklist PMDG 738 from my old version EFB 1 but without results. So i need some help Danks Alvaro Moved to proper location by Admin
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