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  1. Hi guys, I have somes problems with AI traffic (offline traffic created with Alpha India Group - AI Manager). Let's say I plan a flight and load the aircraft, it could take a while before the traffic is listed in the Traffic monitor. Sometimes it works, sometime not. But if it works, once the aircraft lift off, all the traffic disappear. And it's only when I land the aircraft that all the traffic is coming back. So my question is : do EFB v2 have a limit of traffic that it can handle or show ? Is it a bug, or is it normal ? For your information, I can have like 40 Ai aircrafts on ground and airborn sometimes.
  2. You can call me John Doe. Don't think it matter in any ways to know my real name, otherwise I can put my ID card in signature if it's GPDR compliant. So if I understand, the updated Database of Herve Sors corrupt my default bgl ? I should send him an email to aware him of that. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi guys, I have an issue with the GQNN default scenery in P3D V4. I must uncheck the pre-filter button to find it, and when it's done, the airport doesn't have any runway. How could I solve that ?
  4. A quick feedback to say that I've follow your advice, and everything's fine. Thanks a lot. Great product !
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to solve a little problem. I was on Windows 7 with FSX installed on it. Since Windows 10 came out, I choose to install it as a dual-boot (Windows 7 and Windows 10). So now I have FSX installed on the Windows 7 partition, and P3d v4 installed on the Windows 10 partition. Do I have to install EFB on each system, or do I have to change each time the path required by the EFB program ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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