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MSFS corrected/expanded Ground Layouts


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Please, also read the announcement here: Introduction of corrected/expanded Ground Layouts for MSFS Add-on airports


Find below a list of Ground Layout files, alphabetically sorted by the ICAO code.


To use such a file, just download and place it into the \ARPT folder in your EFB2 Client's data folder structure and restart the Client. No Database-Building is required.

For a default installation the path of the data folder is: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\ARPT


To remove a file, just delete the desired file within the \ARPT folder and restart the Client. Again, no Database-Building is required.



ICAO Name Developer Adjustments Remarks
ENBR Bergen Flesland RDPresets Twy Names, Parkings -
KDEN Denver Intl FlightBeam Parking Pos -
KTEB Teterboro Dreamflight Parking Pos linked, TWYs -
LIRN Napoli RDPresets Twy Names, Parkings -
LSZH Zurich FSDreamTeam Added Tarmac and Buildings * Demo sample to show the possibilities of the enhanced ground layout
MWCR Roberts Intl RWY26 Sim Parking Pos linked, TWYs -
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