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TOD Restrictions issue

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying this software for the first time and I have had some issues with the TOD wich doesn't claculate the TOD in the right way.

I'll try to explain as simple as it is;

This is the star of a flight from EDDH to EDDM, Cruise FL290. Like you will see in the next image the first restriction comes at LANDU (at or below FL130);

now, the TOD is calculated just before Roding VOR wich is 34-35 NM beforo LANDU; 

without even flight it you can understand that 35 NM in not enough to decend from FL290 to FL130. (with a simple rule of thumb you can immidiatly know that you need at least 50 NM).



In the next image you will see the TOD calculate dby the FMC af the aircraft wich is between TIVDA and LULAR, and it results correct to be "at or below" FL130 at LANDU.




In conclusion following the EFB vertical guidance i'll find myself above FL130 at Landu wich is wrong.


So my question is: is there something I'm doing wrong?

I saw other topic about this issue, and they are quite old; is this issue going to be fixed?

Why the efb misses a simple calculation like this?


Thank You.





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