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AIRAC cycle

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Back again in the Sim World. Just hope you're doing fine ! Congratulations for the "new" EFB v2 I've just discovered


Which AIRAC cycle is provided with EFB v2 I'm planning to buy ?


I did not find that kind of info in the installation manual


The AIRAC Cycle supplied with the basic installation is not the most recent one, however it is  included to provide full functionality of EFB




EFB v1 customer since a long time

P3D v1, v2, v3


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Thanks very much.


Airac cycle 1802. I should know about that but does 18 mean 2018 ? and 02 February ?


If yes, it's outdated


Except subscribing to Navigraph or similar provider, is there a way to get a more recent cycle ?

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Hi Jean-Louis,


Yes. of course the provided AIRAC Cycle is outdated. Its only purpose is to serve as an exampe for proper use of EFB2. For legal reasons we are not allowed to provide an actual AIRAC Cycle with our Basic Installation. AIRAC Cycles are published in a 28 day rhytm, which gives an average of 13 Cycles/Year. always starting on a Thursday at 00:00. Next AIRAC Cycle 2109 is starting on Thursday, September 9th. For more information please see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeronautical_Information_Publication


Complete AIRAC Cycles for EFB2 are available by either Navigraph(Jeppesen) or NavDataPro(Lufthansa LIDO). Both are commercial databases used in real life aviation. There is no alternative way to legally get recent cycles other than subscribing to NavDataPro or Navigraph.

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Just as a piece of additional information: The Navigraph installer should find the proper installation path for EFB2's AIRAC data. It should be:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\ for a default installation.

Once they are installed, just use the "Update Navdata" tab on the EFB-DatabaseBuilder.


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