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Wrong parking stands and taxyways at LOWW

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i have (only at LOWW) the problem, that the parking stands and the taxyways are not correct. In the simulator they are correct. The parking position is F3, but in EFB V2 is gate 30.

I have installed the payware addon from gaya.


What i can do?


Thank you 







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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately this is one of the mysteries Asobo/MSFS still keeps for themselves and so far we haven't found a definitive answer. MSFS draws the Parking Stands/Taxiways names despite the Developer missing the appropriate entry in the "delete section" (as Gaya did for this airport), EFB for obvious reasons has to consider it. So in the present BGL of this gaya installation the default names are depicted in the EFB ground map. Whenever an airport BGL is missing this entry in the "delete section", the default names and numbers are decoded.


As a remedy you can replace the following BGL in your installation:

Loww-scene - static.bgl

It is to be found in "\Community\gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna\scenery\Gaya\Vienna". Make a safety copy of the old BGL and re-run the DbBuilder with this new BGL. All TWYs and Gates will be correct thereafter.

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6 hours ago, Chris22 said:



I have a similar issue but in P3D, where some parking do not show in EFBv2. Example: F37.

Can I use that same file and rename it? (To what?) Or do we have a fix?



No, P3D is different. If a parking stand does not show up in-game, it means that it is not present in the respective BGL. Nevertheless in any case we need more information about the add-on concerned. For proper error tracing we need the BGL in question.

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Hi Oskar, 


This is the ORBX Gaya LOWW for P3Dv5.

I am not experienced with BGL, but I do see some set as OFF. 

Here attached is a screenshot of them, let me know which one I should send to investigate.

Most gates are there, it's just a few are not, although the static aircrafts are set to OFF.

In this case I got surprised with ATC in Vatsim, but did find the gate F37 visually.


Thanks for your help.


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Hi Chris,


The solution to this "problem" is simple: The Ground Layout BGL of Gaya's LOWW does not depict parking position F37. See picture below:



The only parking stand in this region is F35. F37 would be an intermediate stand which can only be used if F35 is not occupied. See AIP excerpt below:



it is however not included in the ground BGL, neither with Statics nor without.


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