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Transfer key two another Pc

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Hi everyone

i‘m using 3 Pc.  one PC is my Server Pc with  Aivlasoft and i‘m using two other pc with the simulator MSFS and P3D.  Know i tried two Switch my Aivlasoft two the second pc. But i recieved a message „this licence is Not valid for this machine“ how can i Switch my licence to the other machine? 


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No, the 'old' key remains your license key. This is a perpetual license. If you want to run it on another computer you have to uninstall it from the previous computer. Only the Server computer needs a license. The Client computers don't require a license.


From the license agreement:

3.1 The licensee shall receive the personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to install and use the software according to the documentation on a single computer. The use on different machines at the same time is prohibited.

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Sorry translation mistake by me: Not another / i mean to an other PC. LOL.

I uninstalled it and Moved ist to the other pc. Ist Works problem solved…


the above sentence indicated that we were talking about two different problems. LOL a lot time wastet for nothing…

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