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Other aircraft showing in client

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P3Dv3.4 / Server v2.2 build #126 - Client 2.2 build #126 / Network / Custom / Licensed.
I fly online with my German Flight Sim Club using a private server. I see my companions aircraft when flying however only within a radius of aprx 20nm. Our flights usually concern ca. 20 pilots some of which, myself included, act as on route controllers. Is there any way at all that the visibility radius can be extended. I am looking at a radius of 650nm. 

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I don't know your server nor your other software so I cannot say whether some settings on that side could be altered.

On EFB's side you can check the FSUIPC settings if you have the registered version. If you are running the free version of FSUIPC then the radius for traffic is fix (approx. 40 to 50NM). In EFB you have the settings for flying online ("5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13 'Online with VATSIM or IVAO') as I already mentioned here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/5191-connecting-to-private-server/  In the Client settings you will find an additional filter for the vertical separation which is related to both flying offline and online. But overall I can say that visualizing traffic for  a radius of 650Nm is simply not possible. Please keep in mind that this is an EFB and not any Radar Surveillance program.


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O/K, many thanks, I realized that to ask for a 650nm radius was probably not possible and yes I also guessed that EFB was not useable as a Controller Radar but anyway I just thought it was worth a shot. Still using the EFB as it is a super tool.


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