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[MSFS] EFB + Autopilot with CRJ from Aerosoft

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I've been using the EFB and autopilot feature for some time with Just Flight's Piper Arrow III in MSFS. Unfortunately, the autopilot function does not work with Aerosoft's CRJ. Is it because the CRJ does not use the standard MSFS GPS, but its own FMS? With the Piper, I always find it very nice when I work on the route in the EFB, the autopilot flies it directly. Is this possible for the CRJ in any way?

Otherwise, your EFB is a really very useful tool.


Thank you very much



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Hi Enrik

Thank you for the good words on EFB. I don't know the CRJ but I can confirm that EFB only supports the default GPS from MSFS. Any external implementation of an autopilot cannot be supported by EFB.

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