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My plane doesn't show up on EFB

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I haven't used AIVLASOFT EFB for a while and when I started it up again my plane wasn't visible on the AIVLASOFT EFB flight plan. Thinking it had to be updated, I disinstalled it and re-installed it but still no plane appears when it should be automatic. I have put the plane name but no success. What should I do or is it a bug?


Thanks a lot






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Certainly not a bug as it works flawlessly in other installations. Have you installed FSUIPC7? Why did you reinstall? Updates would be automatically advised. No reinstall necessary. Sounds all a bit strange...

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Additionally to what Oskar already mentioned, It also might be that an error occurred while EFB is depicting the map. In such a situation not all items will be depicted on the map. When it happens next time, could you please create a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.

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