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Hi Reinhold,

If you put a path into the text box 'Document folder' you will override the default 'Documents' path for all add-ons using '<Documents>' in the list below. Leave this text box empty.


Select the line below for 'AivlaSoft EFB', then click on "Browse" on top of the dialog.  Then select the proper path to the EFBv2 Routes folder.

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Hello Urs!
is that the error I have installed the server on C and client on a laptop.
Because I do not find the folder Routes. Or must be installed on the laptop.





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Hi Reinhold,


the 'Routes' folder is a sub-folder below the Client data folder, not Server.

For a default installation this is:    C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Routes


In your PFPX configuration the target folder is set to:  <Documents>\AivlaSoft\EFB\UserData\Routes  which is the old version 1 data path.


The 'Routes' folder accepts only EFB routes (*.efbr).  If you would like to use the 'Uplink' folder, you have to chose another way to get the route out of PFPX. Please see the document "6 DE Flugplan.pdf", chapter 2.3 "Flugplanung über Uplink".


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