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Hi team,


Firstly I would like to thank you so much, I love EFB v2, and I use it each time I fly, thank you!


I wanted to recommend adding the following options:
1.- Flight Book Area: to track our flights and keep a record with a map, it looks like it won't require a lot of code, and it will be amazing. 
2.- Fleet Area: a more visual area to choose our aircraft before flying.
3.- Flight Plan Creator: a richer area to create our flight plans, which would be connected to Simbrief in order to upload our created FP.


What do you think? Will it be possible?.


Thank you so much for considering my suggestions.


Have a nice day!


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Hi "W" ?? (please use your real first name as per Forum Rules)


Thanks for your suggestions. To answer it from my side (of course only my personal view):


1. There are soo many Flight Trackers on the Freeware Market. I don't think that we need to add another one (just my five cents though). However under the "DOC" button you select the "Flight Logs" button and you have access to all Flight Logs of your previous flights. Whether a graphical depiction of the Flight Logs is desireable, may be worth a discussion


2. Not sure what your mean. You choose your aircraft within the Simulator, not within EFB. EFB then just connects the proper profile, if correctly defined. Which aircraft you choose is purely pilot's (or VA's) decision


3. Again not sure what ou mean. If you select the "Internet" tab within the FPL window and then the "simBrief" tab, you just enter your SimBrief Account ID and press "Start". Then your last created flight plan from SimBrief is loaded. Any other connection to SimBrief is not possible ATM.


As already stated, just my five cents. Maybe others have different views and opinions.

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Hi Oskar,


Sorry, I've already added my name to the signatures. 


Firstly, I'm sending this message because I love the tool, and I want it to improve. It's positive feedback to help it to grow up. That feedback also came from some of my friends who used the tool and had the same feeling; it is not something just coming from my side.


Most of us use your tool and also a secondary tool to fill the gap that it is between them. I usually use this tool and Simtoolkit pro. Our suggestion is to try to get one tool unifying the features. All the other tools are growing up so fast, and I'm just trying to help you guys. Again, it is just positive and constructive feedback from some of your customers. The money I've paid worth the tool; I'm just want to help as a user.


Coming back to the suggestions:


1.- Yes, the idea is to have an area more visual...

2.- The same as before, I know that we have the profiles to get it more visible with Airplane pictures, for example.

3.- Yes, I know we have that option; I use it daily....but we want to do it in another way. Select the Departure, Arrival, Airplane type and then send it to Simbrief, and it will come back with all the flight data, OFP,... to us.

4.- I will also add the option to connect to navigraph and check their charts.



The idea will be to unify all our tools and needs in just one app with your quality. Seeing as you guys do the tool, I am petty sure that it would be amazing!!


Again, please, it is not negative feedback. If you feel that you need more information, please feel free to send me a private and give you more clarifications.


Have a nice day. Thank you so much,




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Hi Waldo,


thanks for your suggestions. It's like Oskar already answered:

  1. This could be an idea for a future version. Maybe as a KMZ-file (Google Maps).
  2. EFB offers round about 120 profiles. These profiles are kind of 'presets' for the EFB configuration in order to reflect the needs for the currently active aircraft in the simulator. The profile (or 'preset') will be automatically loaded as soon as EFB detects a running simulator and recognizes the A/C type you have loaded in the simulator. You always have to select the aircraft in the simulator. 
    There's one exception: You only have to manually select a proper aircraft profile in EFB if the A/C type in the simulator was not recognized and therefore could not have been assigned to one of these 120 profiles.
  3. For a Windows Desktop Application like EFB v2 the SimBrief API only offers the already implemented interface to download a flight plan.
  4. Connect to Navigraph charts? I'm sorry but I don't understand why. What kind of information do you miss on the EFB charts to properly perform your flight in the simulator?
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Hi Urs,


Firstly, I would like to remark that I love the product, and it has been one of my best investments for my XP11. I just want to make the product the best and complete one.


1.- Yes, it will be fantastic to track and have a visual recall of your flights on a map with the flight information as metadata auto-imported from the flight sim. The idea of the map is quite good. It efficiently helps you to find new places to fly or see where you have been before.
2.- It is like having a hanger where you choose the aircraft from an icon or let the app automatically select the plane...
3.- This is so useful; in the tool I've mentioned, you add departure and the arrival, and it connects to Simbrief. I believe it is via the web...because I have to add my login information via the web. It's gorgeous because you don't need to go to Simbrief, and it also sends Simbrief the last selected aircraft data you already checked into the tool. 
4.- You win, that's correct. I use it with more information for the final approach and airport information [maybe I can get it from EFB, but I haven't seen it). But as I've mentioned, it is not a critical request.


As you can see is to make your tools the only one opened apart of the sim. 


It's complex to explain it by text, maybe if you test it, you'll be able to understand me better, or if you want, we can have a discord call to explain it to you in detail. I am open to helping.


I do believe that the three first ones will make the EFB a unique and fantastic tool. I daily use EFBv2 and the other app I've mentioned before for these tasks, but I, like most of my friends, also owners of the EFB, have discussed that we miss these features in the EFB. It doesn't mind that it is already an great app, it is to make it even better.


Again, these are just suggestions from an active user of your product. I will me more than happier if at least you consider them for future releases.


I appreciate your time.


Thank you so much.



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