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Some extra new profiles


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Hello, I noticed there were some profiles missing for some airframes, so I made some based on some basic numbers.


These are mostly just for MTOW/MLW numbers, some of the wind and runway numbers will most likely not be 100% accurate.


Just a note, since the ICAO code for the 777-200ER is 772, the current 772 profile should be renamed to "77L" since the ICAO for the 777-200LR and 777F is 77L.


Also a note for the MD profiles, if you're flying the Leonardo for P3D, you'll have to rename the MD83 .air file to "md-83.air" and the MD88 .air file to "md-88.air" as well as in the Aircraft.cfg files for each, find and replace all instances of "md-83-88" for the respective air files for every livery. (md-83 or md-88). These two variants use the same .air file, so you'll have to differentiate them in the file structure and make sure the liveries reference the correct air file.

MD88.profile.xml A306.profile.xml MD83.profile.xml


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Hello there,


As the restrictions and changes for each of those profiles are quite extensive, we have decided to leave the profiles here in this thread, rather than moving them into our basic profiles list. Nevertheless all users willing to apply the required changes are welcome to download the profiles here. Thanks for posting !

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On 4/14/2021 at 12:05 PM, Bob_Z said:

Is there a profile for the B777-200ER or is the basic profile good enough?

The 772 profile in the top post is for the 200ER. The default "772" profile should really be renamed to the 77L since it's for the LR.

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