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Trying to load AIVLASOFT flight plans

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I've just bought the new AIVLASOFT EFB which is great but I have one problem. When I save the flight plan, it goes there (see screenshots 1&2) but when I want to load it on my A320NX, I can't see it (ss3&4) Is it a matter of extension (efbr when the supported FP files are flt or pln? 


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*.efbr is the file format for EFB flight plans, not for MSFS flight plans. MSFS cannot read these plans.

As long as the currently loaded aircraft profile allows to forward the flight plan to the default GPS, the flight plan is automatically forwarded to the aircraft and available in MSFS.


For more details on how to handle flight plans please read this one:


Flight plan handling is similar to the well known default GPS Flight Plans in FSX/P3D. A flight plan can still be created externally by PFPX, SimBrief or similar. A flight plan can also be created using the EFBv2 functionality.  Once an EFBv2 flight plan has been created  DO NOT LOAD THIS FLIGHT PLAN FROM THE MSFS START SCREEN! The Flight Plan is created within EFB2 and then automatically transferred to the default GPS of the MSFS aircraft. Editing of the Flight Plan and adding SIDs, STARs and APPROACHES is possible in the usual way.  it must however be noted that the Flight Plan Display in the default NAV Displays of the MSFS aircraft is rather incomplete. At present no custom waypoints are displayed, as well as no procedures. However the ROUTING AS DISPLAYED IN THE EFB2 CLIENT WILL PROPERLY BE FOLLOWED IN GPS/NAV MODE.


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