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Addon Airport not showing up in updated database -1S2 DARRINGTON MUNI

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I purchased 1S2 DARRINGTON MUNI from ORBX , and after I updated the database still,  it is not showing at all!

Even,  if I create a flight plan in MSFS2020, say, from 1S2 to PAKT,  and Uplink it to EBF2,  it will come up with errors in waypoints, etc. and it would not process.

Is there a fix for that?

Thank you!



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I must admit that I'm not really sure what you mean. Just for the records: 1S2 Darrington Muni is an airfield with a RWY of 757 x 12 meters and is showing up normally, even as default. You might need to check which A/C you are using. If the A/C's minimum requirend RWY length is above 757 m, you need to switch off the "PRFL Filter in the Airport Selection Window. In any case the airport will not be suitable for your A/C in use. That's why this filter is there.

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Hi George,

To check whether the airport 1S2 is part of the database please check the file 'airportFiles_[Sim].txt' (replace [Sim] by the abbreviation of the simulator, e.g. MSFS, or P3Dv5). This file will be created after each database update and after each creation of a new database. This file is in the 'Logfiles' folder of the Server.

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