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Client for new version gets stuck loading AIRAC update for hours

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I have downloaded and installed the latest EFB v2 update, first the serveur on my sim PC and then the client on my linked PC as usual.


However this time the client remains loading the database for hours and still does not function. I have not changed a thing to my Windows or network settings and EFB v2 was working perfectly before that update. What could be the cause of this problem and how can I resolve it?


I tried uninstalling the client, downloaded the latest version again and installed it, to no avail, still stuck with my black EFB screen.

Thank you.



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Hi Jean-Claude,

thanks for sending the files to the support. It looks like a problem with unzipping the airport database on the Client side. Because it is a big file the DbBuilder is zipping the file before sending it to the Client but the Client cannot unzip it. To be honest I have no idea what is missing or corrupted on the Client PC because it is not part of the EFB software. Do you do the required Windows Updates regularly on the Client PC?


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Problem solved.

I deleted the latest AIRAC database in the Server, downloaded it again from Navigraph, installed in Server, went again over the Airports file update in Server, started up Client and the Database synchronisation went on, my Client was fully operational within the usual short length of time.

I suppose my initial problem was created by a faulty airport file that was freezing the unzipping process.

Enjoy a good week-end

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