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Update 2.2 #121

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Today we have released the latest version 2.2.121 which now officially supports the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 / MSFS.


Current installations of version 2.1.119, as well as the pre-release versions 2.1.120 will be updated automatically upon next startup.


It is mandatory to apply this update for all users even for those who are not using MSFS. Please bear in mind that support can only be given to the latest version of EFB.


What's new:


New features independent of MSFS:

  • Navaid frequencies can be tuned directly from the world map using right-mouse-click.
  • Navaid frequencies can be tuned directly from the procedures panel using right-mouse-click.
    EDIT: Due to a "last-minute" bug tuning of navaids via right-mouse-click does not work. Sorry, it will be fixed with next update.
  • A new terrain depiction mode was added which presents the terrain contour lines relative to MSL (mean sea level)
  • Points of interest on world map
  • [Online VATSIM/IVAO] ATC ribbon now indicates letter of current ATIS message
  • [Online VATSIM/IVAO] ATC ribbon now allows to scroll left/right at any time using the mouse wheel


For details about these new features, please see the updated manuals, especially "5 EN Client.pdf".





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