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Dear EFB users

we are planning to release build #119 of version 2.1 on Wednesday, 08 July 2020.

Apart from a few minor bugfixes this update is mainly dedicated to the ONLINE pilots with VATSIM and/or IVAO.

Several new features have been developed in the last few weeks which will assist you and give you additional and detailed information when flying online. Those features were developed in close cooperation with dedicated Online-Pilots and -Controllers to ensure optimum use.

Most likely the most awaited feature is the so called "ATC-Ribbon" which automatically lists all the active COM-frequencies along your route from the departure airport to the destination airport.


Along with all the new, updated and enhanced functionality of EFB, also the Client manual has been updated. It is highly recommended to carefully read "Chapter 13" of the manual "5 EN Client.pdf" (English) or "5 DE Client.pdf" (German), which covers the entire topic "Flying ONLINE". All new features are described in detail in this chapter.

Further improvements:

  • Traffic label assignments, additional arguments for field 'Altitude'. Detailed description see the "Client" manual, chapter "Map options > 7.1.5 Traffic", then "Configuration of the Altitude value".
  • Default transponder codes can now be re-assigned in file 'xpndr.txt'
  • Map option buttons: grouping improved
  • Procedure selection, grid heights optimized
  • Added GLS reference path identifier for GLS approaches
  • Added callsign from FPL to the sidebar



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