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Yes, I'm an old dinosaur who "still" flies aircraft via keyboard, not joystick.   Been doing so since at least FS9, maybe even earlier -  SubLogic ATP was all keyboard I believe. 


I purchased the program and enjoy its simplicity.    However, after I have set up my configurations for specific aircraft, I cannot control the aircraft via keyboard, even after the numlock is switched off.  


My thinking is that I wiped out all the other keyboard controls when I press the "delete key assignments" on the configurator.    I was prepared to bounce between numlock and no numlock at times where I need specific control of the aircraft, takeoff, landing etc, then numlock for all the easy views.  


Am I reading that correctly in the manual?   If I don't select "delete key assignments" can I bounce between SimpleCam and dinosaur control?  


I really like what I see here.   The other programs seem so complex.   



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Hi John,


 If I don't select "delete key assignments" can I bounce between SimpleCam and dinosaur control? 

Unfortunately not, sorry.

The simplicity of this program implies that the number pad keys are elusively used by SimpleCam. Therefore the button "delete key assignments" removes all other (simulator-) assignments to these keys, which most probably conflicts with steering the simulator by "dinosaur control".

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