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Differences between AivlaSoft & Jepperson arrivals


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Why are their differences between the AivlaSoft EFB and Jepperson arrivals for KSLC (Salt Lake City) in the holding patterns at points in red boxes (AIRAC 2006)? I have noted in another post a similar difference at another airport TTPP (Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago) for the MA for runway 10.






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Hi Michael,


That's very simple to answer. We do not have the complete worldwide Holding Database available in the dataset provided by Jeppesen or LIDO. Therefore we can only use the Holding information provided for a specific waypoint. In most of all cases there is just a flag set to indicate the presence of a holding, but no information on the layout. Our policy is to use a standard right turn reversal holding if no other information is provided. To draw each holding correctly (possibly even more than one holding procedure may be available on one single waypoint) it would require access to the worldwide Holding Database. Of course Jeppesen and LIDO do have this, we (unfortunately) don't...

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