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Why are ILS approach(es) not showing?

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It may happen that ILS procedures are not listed in the PROCedure selection dialog at certain airports, although the ILS exists in real world.


To understand why this may happen, we should have a clear understanding of the 'big picture' which I will try to explain:


An instrument approach procedure (IAP) is a sequence of instructions regarding position, altitude, speed etc and it determines how an airplane has to be flown along a predefined track to finally get securely to the instrument landing system (ILS) and down to the runway. All these instructions and requirements are described in the so called AIRAC cycles which are updated every 28 days.


Simplified, an IAP contains elements which are 'virtual' and elements which are 'physically existing'. Radio navigation aids (short 'Navaid') like ILS, VOR, DME, NDB,  are the physically existing elements, whereas all the instructions and constraints of a procedure are the 'virtual' elements.


When REAL world meets SIMULATED world ...

AIRAC cycles for the simulation are provided by either Navigraph (product name "FMS data") or Aerosoft (product name "NavDataPro"). Navigraph AIRAC cycle data is provided by Jeppesen, Aerosoft data is provided by LIDO/Lufthansa.

We are using these real world procedures in our simulators, but unfortunately all the physically existing elements often do not match their real world counterparts.


As per design the FSX/P3D navaid database is contained in BGL-Files (e.g. APX*.bgl, or NVX*.bgl). The vast majority of these files have been created many years ago. While the real world procedures (AIRAC cycles) are updated every 28 days, mostly our simulators are remaining static. Because simulator data is static, it is getting more and more outdated.


As long as default airports (aka stock scenery) are concerned, it is of utmost importance to keep them up-to-date. We strongly recommend the use of this fantastic freeware: Hervé SORS' Navaid Update Package https://aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html

As long as ILS'es on European airports are affected, it is sufficient to use the World Navaids Package. If ILS'es outside Europe are affected, you will need to regionally update according to the list provided on the above website. If you fly worldwide it is recommended to use the World Package. Please read the information given on the website to fully understand what the content of the various update packages are.


If Add-On airports are affected, the designer of the airport is responsible for a correct airport BGL which reflects the present moment regarding the navaids.



To be able to properly depict an instrument approach procedure in EFB, it is required that AIRAC data and SIMULATOR data MATCHES. If it doesn't match, EFB cannot depict the procedure for obvious reason and as a result of this the procedure is not available in the PROCedure selection dialog.


A word to X-Plane users: In X-Plane this problem does not exist as X-Plane uses a complete updateable database which is valid for all navaids. Add-On Airports do - in contrary to the FSX/P3D system - not contain any navdata.




Preview of next update #116 (planned 10 April 2020)

With the next update #116 the content of the list of available approach procedures will be changed in a way that all procedures are listed, but outdated or even missing localizers will then be displayed as a caution (see image below). Also procedures with missing and/or outdated localizers can be selected.


Outdated and missing LOC.png



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