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Update 2.1 #115

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Today we released a new update 2.1 build #115.


Apart from minor bug fixes there are several new features. Detailed change log below.


Please see the updated user manuals for details. Thanks.


If you are using ActiveSky as your weather engine, please be informed that some of the new features require the latest version 7361 of ActiveSky (for P3D4 and also for XPlane). HiFi has released an open beta yesterday -> https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/


With this version of EFB the weather engine 'REX Sky Force' is now also supported. To use weather depiction based on this weather engine, it requires that the customer enables the option 'Enable custom weather file export' within the Settings -> Engine window of Sky Force. Once configured, REX Sky Force will create a local file named 'metar_report.json' within the 'Exports' folder where REX Sky Force is installed.


In EFB Server 'Settings/Weather', select the before mentioned folder name (see next screenshot), in EFB Client 'Settings/Global' select REX Sky Force as your current weather engine (see screenshot below next).


REX SkyForce settings Server.png



REX SkyForce settings Client.png


Changelog #115:

Version  2.1.115
Released 2020-02-28

Changes / Improvements
- Procedure depiction slightly improved
- Added Morse Code below Landing System Navaid on procedure panel
- Removed altitude label at Missed Approach Point
- Replaced System button icon (power-off icon) with 'Hamburger Menu' icon
- 'Soft-Buttons' for Zoom and Map Position
- Optionally display weather info on side bar as raw METAR/TAF (Settings/Misc)
- Display METAR when right-click on RSB-Airport-buttons
- Display worldwide SIGMETs (if weather provider is 'real world'),
  if weather provider is ActiveSky, SIGMETs are presented along route
- Display route winds (Weather provider 'ActiveSky' only)
- Map layer buttons altered to meet new weather, zoom and map-pos options
- New weather source: REX Sky Force (*.json)

Bugs fixed
- Approach Profile view not properly depicted, if MAP is after runway threshold
- Unhandled exception at certain RNAV approaches when a transition is selected
- STAR only cannot be inserted into routing using the Set FPL button
- Airport Selector does not list city if it's different than airport-name
- Weather icon (octas) does not properly indicate cloud coverage


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