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I don't have any more ideas of what the issues can be,

Firewall is all OFF both windows and router

ping response on both machines are 100%


Main PC where server is installed


checking if the post is (open and listening)



checking is client machine is response to ping through network



tried with ISP IP, machine name


nothing I just can't let server work and connect to client.


Hopefully somebody can come with a solution.




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Hi David,

on the screenshot I see the IP-number of the Server is whereas the Client seems to have an IP-address of They are not in the same logical network.

According to the manual, the Client and the Server must be in the same logical network.

Try to change the Clients IP-address to an address like 192.168.1.nnn where nnn is the number within the logical network.

Be aware of that this is only valid if the subnet-mask on both Server and Client is This subnet mask means that the first three groups of numbers (192.168.1) are the network address, and the fourth number (nnn) is the number within the network.

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