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Hi Tim,


thanks for the support files.


It looks like you have NOT installed EFB v2 in its OWN directory as it was suggested by the installer. Can it be that you installed it into: 'H:\P3D Installs\Addons' ?


The Server is looking for all DLL files in the directory where it is installed and obviously it finds this 'AviationMaths.dll' which is NOT from EFB. This is the reason for the error message.


The only way to get rid of this error is to uninstall EFB and reinstall it in an own directory, as suggested by the installer.

But, as you already mentioned in your post, although the error message appears, nothing unwanted happens. Everything will work normally. It's just the message.


IMPORTANT: Given the fact that you most probably have installed EFB in a directory where also other program files are available (other than EFB files), you have to backup this folder and subfolders BEFORE you run the EFB uninstaller. EFB uninstall will REMOVE ALL FILES in its installation directory and therefore it would remove all non-EFB-files too.

So please be careful!


BTW, if you decide to do a reinstall, please download the latest complete installers from the website:



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Hi Urs,


Thanks for the quick reply, think i'll leave it alone as it's working as should.


p.s i never fly without EFB, it's a fantastic piece of software. 


Regards Tim

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