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EFB v2 AI traffic disappear after takeoff

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Hi guys,


I have somes problems with AI traffic (offline traffic created with Alpha India Group - AI Manager).

Let's say I plan a flight and load the aircraft, it could take a while before the traffic is listed in the Traffic monitor.

Sometimes it works, sometime not. But if it works, once the aircraft lift off, all the traffic disappear. And it's only when I land the aircraft that all the traffic is coming back.

So my question is : do EFB v2 have a limit of traffic that it can handle or show ? Is it a bug, or is it normal ?

For your information, I can have like 40 Ai aircrafts on ground and airborn sometimes.

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Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, pleas sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks)

EFB has basically no limitation regarding the number of AI aircraft. However there is a filter in the Client settings which allows for filtering vertically (aircraft which are too low or too high regarding the current altitude of the own aircraft). Did you already have a look into the logfile from the Client and/or Server? Maybe there is something logged which helps.

Generally it can be said, the more AI aircraft are created (by the simulator or any external software) the more time is required until the data is listed in the Traffic Monitor. I don't know whether there is a limitation from FSUIPC, or FSUIPCClient.dll which is used by EFB.

I recommend to reduce the number of AI aircraft until they are properly listed and depicted on the map.

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