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jacques lauzon

EFB2 and FFS2Play

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Hi, I bought EFB2 recently. When flying on FFS2Play with other pilots, I don't see them on the map.  AivlaSoft is installed on the same computer of the Simulator and FFS2Play.  

I'm on Windows 10 - Simulator: P3Dv4.5.

Is someone can help solving this issue?



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Thank you for the quick introduction and also for the link. Unfortunately my French is too bad to understand all the details, but I guess that the software which you have to install on your computer, is feeding the simulator with the FFS2Play network data. Once it is visible in the simulator, it should also be visible in EFB.


If you don't see other aircraft in EFB then check the following items:


1) Can you see other aircraft in the simulator?

2) Can you see other aircraft in the EFB Server "Traffic monitor"

3) Check the settings in FSUIPC regarding Traffic and TCAS. If you have the registered version set both values to 0 (unlimited).

4) Check the settings for the vertical filtering in EFB Client (Settings > Aircraft)


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