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New ORBX Central

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Q: Is the new ORBX Central compatible with EFB2?


A: No, not at this time! There are a few issues when applying ORBX Central within the P3DV4 Scenery Structure. As a First ORBX uses layering within the Add-On Package system, which can cause problems with correct display of Ground Layouts. Furthermore at present when a scenery is installed/migrated with ORBX Central, you will need to run P3DV4 up to the GUI before applying the DBbuilder, as ATM EFB needs to have the internal Scenery Database of P3DV4 to be rebuilt before being applied.


Please also bear in mind that ATM there is no ultimate requirement to apply ORBX Central if your have your ORBX Scenery installed in FTX Central 3. It will continue to function the conventional way UFN.


Unfortunately AivlaSoft was neither informed about nor able to participate on the Betatest. We therefore had to wait until the first release and then examine the impact on EFB2. We are presently working on a compatibility update which will be released as soon as all necessary testing is accomplished. Until then please be patient😀

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