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Hi Mark,


I guess you are talking about ORBX FTX Central 4, which is currently (obviously) under development/beta. As we do not have any information neither from ORBX or anyone else, I would be cautious to migrate your installation before we are allowed a thorough look into it.


Edit: I see that the new ORBX Central is in Open Beta now. I have installed it and will have a look into various features. This will take some time. As a fist finding I can however say that I installed YSCB Canberra through the new ORBX Central (no migration) and it works flawlessly.


One thing however is important to know: due to the fact that all ORBX-Installations have their individual "add-on.xml" in their basic installation path, it is of utmost importance that after any migration or installation P3DV4 MUST BE RUN TO AT LEAST THE GUI, inorder to let P3DV4 build its scenery database. Only with this fresh P3DV4 scenery database the DBBuilder is able to recognize all installed scenery!

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I have a similar problem, but it isn't stopping on an Orbx package. Mine seems to stop on Alpha India Group's One Click Installer entry, or when I remove the OCI entry it hangs on my DD Chicago X scenery. They're both very large packages that don't contain any actual airports. Could that be causing a problem? Otherwise, does anyone at AivlaSoft have any idea other ideas to fix or temporarily work around this problem?


Also, I know the two aren't very similar products, but EFBv1 seems to scan my scenery just fine as is. I don't know if maybe that information is helpful when it comes to troubleshooting.

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Hi ??? (according to the forum rules please sign your post with your real first name.Thanks)

It can stop at any scenery. It's a tiny bug which only occurs under certain circumstances, or better said under certain configurations.

It's fixed with the next update #110. We have planned to release the update #110 this Friday, if until then nothing unexpected happens.

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