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Issue with NavData (BIKF) - ORBX/FSAerodata?

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I have some problems with my Navdata, as I cannot see the ILS-approaches in BIKF.


Here are the files the client lists for BIKF:



Active AIRAC-cycle is 1903 Rev 1 from Navigraph / Also FSAerodata cycle 1903 installed

BIKF data from Navigraph: RWY (01/19) (10/28)



1) only COM-frequencies update

2) only approaches update (ILS for RWY (01/19) (10/28) - etc.)

3) Updated airport data from ORBX OpenLC: Deletes all underlying airport data - includes RWY (02/20) (11/29) (04 closed) + ILS data

4) Stock airport with RWY (01/19) (10/28) + ILS data (in my case this is an updated file from Herve Sors - cycle 1903 of course)


I would guess, that this is an issue due to the different runway numbers, because ORBX has different identifiers.

Therefore I tried to use the DB-Builder function "Enhance / Update Runways", but this did not solve the problem.

(Mapping 02->01 / 20->19 / 11->10 / 29->28)

There is also no entry for BIKF in the "runwayMappings.txt", which is kind of strange.


It seems that runway identifiers changed from 02/20 and 11/29, to 01/10 and 10/28 around 2016 (and ORBX was released before that -> not up to date).


Shouldn't it be possible to assign the runways correctly, so that EFB recognizes these approaches? Maybe somebody can help 🙂





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Hi Marc,


Sorry, but for the time being we do not know what causes the issue. FsAerodata is a 3rd party software which seems not to be fully compatible with EFB. I do have the same installation for BIKF (without FsAerodata) and the RWY assignment is correct here - as well as all procedures are available.

The neighbouring thread: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3680-kdfw-navigraph-airac-1907-kdfw-no-stars/ is dealing with a similar issue on another airport. Deactivating FsAerodata has obviously cured the situation. We need to analyze the whole situation first before we can issue any recommendation. For the time being be aware that AivlaSoft/EFB does not warrant compatibility with FsAerodata.


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Hi Marc,

thanks for this detailed report!

Would you mind to send me the files 1), 2), and 3) for further analysis to support@aivlasoft.com?

Also a Client support file which corresponds to the Server support file would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hi Oskar, hi Urs,


thanks for coming back on this issue. I just provided further information as requested. Hopefully the issue can be identified that way.


For the time being I excluded the ORBX OpenLC-folder (\FTX_OLC\) in the "BglSceneryExclude.txt" and this brings back my approaches.


Also disabling FSAerodata alone brings back the ILS-approaches, so these addons are interfering somehow.


If there is anyting else I can do, just let me know!





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