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All 'camera' working except Numpad 0

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In all my FSX installed planes, I can use simplecam to set views on Numpad 1 thru Numpad 9.

But if I set a view on Numpad 0, and then push the Num 0 key, what happens is the panel will cycle back and forth between the 2D FSX panel and the 3D panel.


In other words when in FSX, I change the view and then push Control 0 then I see 'Save current position to Camera 0?'. And I push 1 to say Yes.  But then when I push the numpad 0 it does not bring up that view, instead FSX changes to the 2D panel view. Pushing numpad 0 again it switches back to the 3D panel view.


Please note:  I am using the simplecam ap correctly because all the other numpad keys (numpad 1 thru numpad 9) work properly to set the new views. Only the numpad 0 key acts strangely.


Does FSX have a configuration file where I can look to see if numpad 0 is being intercepted to make it cycle 2D and 3D?



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