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Update to EFB V2.1, build #107

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General Rule:

If you plan to use the full installer (instead of automatic update), please make sure that you download the newest build #107 for BOTH Server and Client, uninstall BOTH Server and Client and reinstall BOTH Server and Client. A fresh install of only one of the two components (thus mixing automatic update and full install) is leading to severe problems.



Dear users

we are planning to release build #107 on Wednesday, 01 May 2019.


Apart from a few minor bugfixes we re-introduce the full taxiway system also for X-Plane users. As it is newly based on Taxi Routes, we would like to point to a few restrictions:

  • Some older Add-ons have no Taxi Routes included. Therefore no taxiway system is available on these airports. However as long as "taxiway surfaces" are included in the apt.dat, these will still be drawn.
  • Some airports only cover the main routes for taxiing, thus only these few routes will show up
  • As per X-Plane Specs Taxi Routes must NOT be linked to Parking Positions (Ramp Starts). Therefore the leg to or from a Parking Position will be drawn from/to the nearest node of the taxi route. This may not always correspond to the "official" taxi lines.

Apart from that, all Taxi Functions as per Manual 5 Client, Chapter 5.5 are now also valid for X-Plane.


Due to the changes in the Taxiway System, a rebuild of the X-Plane database is mandatory (DbBuilder -> Update Simulator -> X-Plane).


Important note on the X-Plane Database Rebuild:

There may be a few AddOns with faulty "Taxi Routes" definitions. This will result in "WARNING" entries in the DbBuilder Log. You can ignore those warnings, as they do not have an impact on the Database Building Process. For the respective AddOn just the faulty "Taxi Routes" will not be drawn. At this time one known AddOn causing issues is Aerosoft's EDDB Berlin Brandenburg, which can cause more than 40 warnings. Remember: WARNINGS will not prevent the Database from being built, however ERRORS do. As long as you have ERRORS indicated after a rebuild, you need to eliminate the ERRORS by deactivating the respective airports. Otherwise NO new database is built.


Build #107 will install the whole collection of Aircraft Profiles and Minima Files, updated to the latest information available. All previous Profiles and Minima Files will be saved in the Client's documents path in a folder with the .bak extension (Profiles.bak & Minima.bak). If you have customized some of your profiles and/or minima files, just copy them over from the .bak folder into the default folder. Checklists in the Checklists folder are not touched. If they are linked to an Aircraft's Profile, you need to copy the respective Profile from the .bak folder, even if you haven't made any other changes in that Profile.


Build #107 also includes some small bug fixes to improve usability.


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