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Alexander Dejaco

Error "No Vatsim URL available"

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after some Days of using the EFB v2, I always get the Error Message "No Vatsim URL available" (see Screenshot). As a result, no online FIR's, Towers etc controllers are displayed on the EFB. Also i don't get any Vatsim traffic in the displayed in the EFB. Just for testing i set IVAO as the online Network, and there it works. A Reinstall of the Server always fixes the Vatsim URL problem, but i comes back after a couple of days, around a week if i had to guess more accurately. I did never touch the "Online" Configurations tab, the problem just starts out of nowhere. Does anyone know a way of fixing without always having to reinstall?


Thanks in advance...


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Looks like the VATSIM URL is deleted somehow. Maybe you have some anti virus software installed that is changing the file this URL is saved in?

The servers settings file is Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt

If the problem returns, can you check this file or the respective dialog of the EFB Server and let us know, what the VATSIM URL field shows?


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Hello KiloJuliet,


this is not the case. The URL is in the settings dialog AND in the serversettings.txt file. Like i said, i ddid never make any changes before the problem occurs. I use EFB basically on all of my flights, online or offline. I also don't use any 3rd Party Anti-Virus and all Aivlasoft folders do have an exception in windows defender





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