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New updates: Client #77, Server #59

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With the latest update (Client #77, Server #59) some features regarding flight planning have been changed. The implementation of these changes were mainly done because of several user posts in the 'General discussion' forum.


1) Creating a new flight plan
The tabs "Company routes" and "Internet" are now enabled, regardless whether the aircraft is on the ground or airborne. This allows to load a company route, or create a flight plan via RouteFinder while the aircraft is in flight. It is now also possible to load a new flight plan via 'uplink' while the aircraft is in flight. However, an already activated flight plan must be manually cleared before a new one can be selected, or uplinked.

According to these new features it is possible to load any flight plan, regardless of the aircraft's current position (e.g. aircraft could be near London but the new flight plan routing is from Hawaii to Anchorage). It is the user's responsibility to select a reasonable routing and to link into this routing by selecting the 'next waypoint' using the 'Direct-To' function. There is no automatic detection of the 'next waypoint'.

2) New file format allowed for uplink
It is now possible to uplink a '*.efbr' flight plan. To sum up, here's the list of allowed file formats:

*.pln as FS2004/FS9 formatted flight plan
*.pln as FSX/P3D formatted flight plan (XML)
*.txt as OFP (operational flight plan) from PFPX
*.txt from SimBrief as FSL AOC Uplink
*.txt containing only a routing
*.efbr as EFB v1 formatted flight plan
*.efbr as EFB v2 formatted flight plan


It is still not possible to automatically select any runway and procedure, although this kind of information might be included in a *.efbr file.


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