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ILS Approach Missing [SOLVED]

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I have just temporarily disabled Aerosoft EDDF and rebuilt the database with default EDDF from P3D v4.3. I see ILS on all RWYs 07C, 07R, 25C, 25L. The new (northernmost) RWY 07L/25R is of course missing as it was not available when the stock data were compiled. I have the latest Sors Update intalled, but this has no influence on the default airport layout in APX50140.bgl.

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Thanks, Oskar.  I disable the Orbx EDDF files (x3) and rebuilt the db so only the APX50140.bgl file is active and still no joy. I guess the only difference between us now is the AIRAC provider (I'm using Navigraph).






Strange that the navaids show:




Perhaps the support files I uploaded will provide the answer.





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@aivlasoft @lonewulf47


I believe this is solved! :grin:


I was looking at the Orbx Germany South EDDF file (ADE_FTX_GES_EDDF.bgl) and noticed an "extra" runway 08/26. I was able to remove it (and an associated ILS/Start Position/Approach), update the remaining ILS data, and add the missing ILS data from the latest AIRAC. I then rebuilt the database and the approaches now show. What I don't understand is why the DbBuilder still accessed the Orbx files when I renamed their file extensions to ".off". :unsure:


This is what I now see:








All that's left is to fly some of the approaches and see if things work in the sim.





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