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During normal operation of EFB v2 some issues have shown up, that are already addressed and will be remedied within a suitable timeframe, depending on the workload for current development and importance.


Issue: Missing Final Approaches for Finals with Visual Circling (let down approaches)
Planned correction: AIRAC Cycle TBD
Description: Final Approaches without designated Landing Runway cannot depicted with the present routines of EFB v2. This required some changes within the data structure. A number of remote airports are affected.


Issue: Missing Runway on Ground Map
Planned correction: only possible with described workaround
Description: A few Add-On airports are missing Runway information in their layout (AFCAD) BGL. There are many reasons, why this information is missing. One specific reason is modeling of terrain-following runways, which are often used in mountaineous terrain (such as the French Altiports) and also a few others. In addition to that many Add-On Developers are directing AI-Traffic by using runways with various attributes not set or are designing ground layouts with Runway width of Zero or close to Zero. All these runway cannot be depicted properly in EFB v2 because the data in the BGL are not suitable for drawing a RWY.

Workaround: EFB v2 features a specially designed routine using BGLs placed into a dedicated folder within the Client's Structure. Please follow the description in this thread: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/

AivlaSoft has already produced a number of special AFCAD BGLs listed for download in the mentioned section. Whenever an airport shows up with this deficiency, please report it in the General Discussion Thread with a descriptive screenshot. We will then take the necessary action to supply a downloadable AFCAD BGL.


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