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EFB v2 offers the possibility to show Approach Minimums in the Approach Profile. For all approaches a set of standard minimums is included. It is however also possible to create individual tables for each airport. The complete description to create custom files is laid down in the User Guide "Client", in para 5.3.5 "Minimums configuration". A few individual Minimum Files are included in the Basic Installer of EFB v2.


The location for the Minimum files is (default installation): C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Minima


Whenever you feel that you want to share your Minimum File for a specific airport, please post it in this subforum. After a brief check for technical completeness we will publish a download link. We will however not  check the file for its content. In this respect we will be fully relying to your abilities. If your installation consists of more than one client, make sure that you add Minimum Files to all Clients.



Airport                                                      contributed by


CYUL                                                           AivlaSoft

EHAM                                                         AivlaSoft

LSGG (new RWY04/22)                           AivlaSoft

LSZG                                                           AivlaSoft



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