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EFB v2 offers the possibility to show Initial Climb Altitudes for SIDs as well as Approach Minimums for each individual approach in the Approach Profile. Users can create individual tables for each airport. The complete description to create custom files is laid down in the User Guide "Client", in para 5.3.5 "Minimums configuration".


EFB v2's basic installation only contains the default file for approach-minima "0Default.txt".


All individual files *.inc and *.txt are available in one single ZIP file, which must be unzipped into (default install) C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Minima. It is good practice to empty the above mentioned directory and unzip the file into the clean directory.


The files will be periodically checked for correctness against the AIRAC cycle. Due to the nature of this checking work it cannot be guaranteed that a check is executed after each AIRAC cycle. The last checked AIRAC cycle is always indicated adjacent to the ZIP file's download link.


Last AIRAC checked 2008, content 2227 files:    EFB2_minima_complete.zip


At this stage only airports with both SIDs and STARs/Approaches are available in the downloadable ZIP file, including the default approach-minima file "0Default.txt". This is however no technical limitation. *.inc and *.txt files can be used independently for each suitable airport. For checking purposes the exact number of individual airport files is noted along with the downloadable ZIP-file.


Whenever you feel that you want to share a minimum file for a specific airport, please post it in this subforum. After a brief check for technical completeness we will add it to the ZIP file. If you are using multiple client installations, it is a good idea to have all minima files installed in each client's \Minima folder.


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