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The EFB v2 Basic Installer includes a  more or less comprehensive selection of Aircraft Profiles. The location of the profiles is (default install): C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Profiles


An Aircraft Profile in EFB v2 contains a number of aircraft specific parameters which can be freely altered with the included Profiles Editor. If you decide to create a new profile, Please bear in mind that the automatic linking of a selected aircraft to its profile is using the aircraft's *.air file name (without the Suffix .air). Make sure that you use this name only ONCE throughout all Aircraft Profiles. If it is already in use in another Aircraft Profile, you need to delete it there.


Whenever a new profile is added, it must be added to each Client's installation (this is also valid for altered Aircraft profiles).


Whenever a new profile is added or altered, the Client (if running) needs to be restarted to add the new profile to its profile database. Users are invited to contribute their own profiles if not yet included in the basic install. After verifying AivlaSoft will collect new Aircraft Profiles and provide download links.


Whether such new profiles will be included in EFB v2's basic installer will be decided at a later stage. In any case they will only be included for a major update (e.g. v2.0 to v2.1). If we decide to do so, we will then include a warning, that all existing Aircraft Profiles will be overwritten. In this case the users will have to make safety copies of their altered Aircraft Profiles.


Aircraft Profile                                   contributed by

Boeing B717-200                                   AivlaSoft

Boeing B747-8I                                      Terblanche

Boeing B747-8F                                     Terblanche

Boeing B787-800                                   AivlaSoft

Boeing B787-900                                   AivlaSoft

Cessna C510 Mustang                          JerryJet

Diamond DA62                                        AivlaSoft

MD-11ER                                                  AivlaSoft

Phenom 300                                            JerryJet

Piper PA28R Arrow III                             AivlaSoft

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