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This subforum shall be the place where additional aircraft profiles, minima files, checklists, and AFCAD files will be provided.


For each of the  4 categories (Profiles, Minima, Checklists, AFCAD) an individual thread (sticky) is available. Therein you will find the download links for the offered  files.


You are welcome to share your own files by writing a new post wherein you provide your files, along with a short description about the content. We will then verify the files so that they will be technically correct, in order for EFB v2 to load them without problems. We will however most probably not verify and edit the content of the files. In this regard we will fully rely on your work.


Once a file is verified and according to the file specifications, we will move it to one of the above mentioned four categories, so it will be available for all users.


NOTE: This subforum is NOT the place to discuss any other items, except the above mentioned items. Any misplaced posts will be moved to the "General discussion".



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