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Vatsim Traffic


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Just wanted to add my single Cent.

For me it´s IVAO-traffic that does not show on any map or chart. No matter what I try, following all the good advises I could find.

I switched to P3D4.3 from FSX two weeks ago and was used to the good old FS-Commander, which showed all the online traffic you wanted. Now I am building up the whole Sim again and was really looking forward to EFB2.

I hope you can get the problem solved and can provide a sound solution for the online-community. Otherwise EFB2 is a wonderful tool, but to a certain degree useless for online-flying. One has to see the traffic. I can only see the active FIRs and other ATC, but not a single a/c. The connection to IVAO seems to be etablished in my setting, but where is the traffic?

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2 hours ago, Mr. ATC said:

The issue with traffic not showing on the map is already identified and in the queue for the next update. So, just be patient for a few days and you won't need to roll-back your entire setup.

Thx Mr. ATC!

That is real good news! Looking forward to the update!

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I have the same issue. I am not able to see vatsim traffic without connecting to vPilot. I was able to see and everything was fine but suddenly it stopped showing vatsim traffic, but it's showing IVAO traffic when selecting the option on the client.


Aaron Daniel

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