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How to get a discount as a recurring customer

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If you decided to purchase a license key for the new EFB v2 and you are a recurring EFB v1 customer, then you will get a 20% discount on the retail price.


How to get the discount:

When you are on this shopping cart webpage (see screenshot below), do the following:


  • if necessary, select your preferred currency  (green rectangle)



  1. Tick the check box 'Check to enter coupon code'. This will open the text box.
  2. Enter (or copy/paste) your EFB 1.x license key into this text box. Do not use any other key or number than the license key.
    The format of the license key is    xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-n   and it must have a length of exactly 31.
    If you copy/paste the key, make sure that no unwanted, or hidden character will be pasted into the text box.

  3. Press 'Apply'


  • Now the price will be updated and includes the 20% discount.
  • Proceed with the purchase.




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