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displayunit disconnect from Dataprovider

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To whom it may concern,

I have succesfully been using Aivla Soft on a network environment  for a very long time. For reasons I stopped and installed the full program (dataprovider & displayunit) as Local on my main PC.

Thus far no problems installing however after having completed the install procedure I startup the DataProvider and await untill the *Provider is ready and running* after which I start the displayUnit. Then starts my problem namely: when receiving the popup message * Connecting to DataProvider* an other popup message sys *Disconnecting! Trying to reconnect* at which at the sametime an other message appears stating Electronic Flight Bag - DataProvider has stopped working (close program).

In the DataProvider popup however I see a line stating * New connection from accepted.


Please someone assist as I am at a loss after having been trying fro 3 consecutive days.





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Hi Dirk,


usually the problems start when one is installing it over the network, but not local. So I guess it should be possible to figure out what 's the cause for that problem.


First thing what I would do is starting the PC with all other programs stopped. In other words, restart your PC and stop all programs which are automatically started (autorun), but are not really necessary to run (browser, email client, music programs, flight simulator add-ons and helpers etc.). If no other programs are running anymore, try to run EFB DataProvider, then DisplayUnit.


If the problem persists, try to temporarily stop the anti-virus, or any other security relevant program. Sometimes such programs do heuristic scans what might lead to unwanted results.


Once you get EFB running, start to sequentially run one program after the other until you see which program is the one that interferes with EFB.


Hope this helps.

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