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Could not reach any date server / port 13

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This error screen is related to two different errors:


1) When you are faced with this message for the first time, after you already have entered the license details for the installation of a DEMO license, please check whether the demo license could have been installed already on your computer. This can easily be done by navigating to the EFB Server's data folder, then open the sub folder 'License' (The default folder is: "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\License").

Check whether a file named "AivlaSoft_Efb_V2_0.dlsc" is located therein.

If this file is there, then your computer is allowed to connect to a time server through port 13 and the error message is no longer related to port 13, but ONLY with the accessibility of a time server.


If no .dlsc file can be found in the above mentioned folder, and you already entered the license details for the installation of the demo license, then this is most probably because your computer will be blocked when it attempts to connect to a time server using port 13. In this situation you have to consult the manuals of your security appliances, and/or security software to find out how to 'open port 13'.


Security appliances like routers, firewalls, or even the Windows firewall and/or any AntiVirus program on your computer, sometimes do not allow to connect to external servers through a certain port. For example, if you enter an address of a webpage in the textbox of your browser the address usually starts with "www.". Implicitly this means that the connection to this webpage is using port 80. If you download a file from an FTP server this is usually done using port 21. Different targets on the internet are using different port numbers. Different port numbers are required for different kinds of protocols. EFB is trying to connect to any of the well known time servers on the internet (e.g. NIST) and to do so, it must use port 13 ("daytime" protocol) because a time server is expecting incoming calls on this port.

2) If your computer is allowed to connect to a time server through port 13 and this message appears nevertheless, it means that no time server on the internet replied to the query within a certain time frame. In this situation just close the message, wait some seconds and then try again to start the EFB Server.

Reaching a time server is something that is not possible all the time every second and unrestricted. Given the fact that a few billion computers do this daily more than once, it is pretty understandable that there might be problems.




Why is EFB trying to get the time from a 'time-server' on the internet?
The time check is used to verify the validity of the trial license. For this, you need a reliable and trustworthy source telling you the current date/time.
This is to prevent improper use of the trial license (change system time to keep a trial license alive).


If your computer is allowed to connect with a time server (see "1)"), but the message still appears from time to time (see "2)"), you just have to close the message box and try again. In most of all situations this is only required two or three times until a time server can be reached and the Server starts.


Maybe you think that this is annoying? If so, then you also have to think about the very rare possibility in the flight simulation community which is given to you, that you can test a fully functional program without any obligation and no restrictions for a period of 30 days. Maybe this IS worth clicking a few more times... isn't it?




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