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Prepar3D V4

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Hi Urs,

with exe.xml will not load SimpleCam (32bit) but works well by outside access for Simulator P3D V4


The following is from Prepar3D Learning Center

Add-on Compilation Settings

For add-on libraries and executables, it is recommended that all software add-ons be developed using Visual Studio 2015. Further, the Platform Toolset should be set to v140 and the Targeted Framework should be .NET Framework Version 4.6.2. These settings will help ensure consistency and compatibility for all new development.



Manfred Maier


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SimpleCam (and all other add-ons) still work without problems, if they are properly listed in the exe.xml. The exe.xml is still in use, although the new "package-system" with the add-on.cfg and add-on.xml is recommended to use.


The excerpt from the P3D Learning Center has nothing to do at all herein. Please do not copy/paste content from other sites.

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